New Salem Missionary Baptist Church
Friday, January 30, 2015

Our Ministries

Auxiliary/Ministry Functions
New Salem Baptist Church of Memphis Inc. offers a variety of ministries and auxiliaries that are designed to develop the whole person.  There ministries/auxiliaries stand in the community as a beacon of light, attracting people of all ages.
Armor Bearers -Primary function is to provide support, protection and care for the Pastor.
Bus Ministry -Function: The Bus Ministry provides transportation to worship services and other church-related services.

Christian Academy -Function: To bring students to the knowledge of God, a believing faith of Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection and the gift of the Holy Spirit, to lead, guide and direct one’s life in loving and living a life of serving to God’s glory.

Comforting Ministry -Function: Members of the Comfort Ministry respond to the needs of those in our congregation that experiences the loss of a loved one.  This ministry delivers messages of condolences and presents messages of sympathy at funerals as required.

Deacons – Function:  Coordinate all baptisms, marriages and deaths with staff.  Provide the implements and elements for the Holy Communion and Baptism.  Care for the church’s members and those in the community.

Greeter MinistryThe Greeter Ministry provide an atmosphere of warmth and welcome to the members and guests of New Salem by extending loving gestures of hospitality to all.

Healthcare Ministry- Function: The medical professionals of our church volunteer and assist members and the community with health awareness.  Screenings and health fairs are held for church members as well as education on health related issues.

Laymen Ministry -Function: The Laymen's Ministry provides a fellowship for the men of the church, encourage men to become active in the ministry of the church, and strive to be role models for the young men of the New Salem church family.

Missions Ministry- Function: Outreach ministry with the church and the community working together to service the needs of all people.

Mother’s Ministry- Function: The Mothers Ministry provides guidance, counsel and advise to the young women within the church.  They also assist the Deacons with the preparation of communion and baptism.

Music MinistryFunction:  To provide sacred music for all worship services.

New Membership – Function: To assist the new members through the process of becoming a member of New Salem.  They will schedule and teach the orientation classes and prepare them to participate in Christian Academy and/or other ministries after receiving the right hand of fellowship.

Prayer Band Ministry- Function: The Prayer Band visits private homes, nursing homes, and hospitals to pray for and encourage those that are sick and shut in.

Prayer Counselors Ministry -Function: Prayer Counselors pray for our church, our world, and each other.  They are responsible for answering the prayer telephone line during the radio broadcast and television telecast to pray for those that stand in the need of a special blessing.

Singles Ministry- Function: The Singles Ministry encourages and educates the single (widowed, divorced, never married) body of believers to further know the Lord Jesus Christ and to appreciate and celebrate the gift of singleness.

Tri-Guild Ministry - Function:  The Tri-Guild Ministry is designed to create a bond between the wives of deacons, trustees, and ministers.  Members of this ministry receive training regarding the role of being a deacon's, trustee's, or minister's wife.

Usher  MinistriesFunction:  The Usher Ministry meets, greets, and seats our members and guest as they enter the sanctuary.  Their objective is to ensure that each person who enters God's house feels peace, joy, and happiness.

Willing Workers - Function:  The Willing Workers are committed people that support the ministry through volunteer service.  Members of this ministry work diligently to assist those in need within the community and to help spread the Gospel message worldwide.
Women’s Ministry -Function:  The Women’s Ministry provides a Christian fellowship for mature Christian women with emphasis on increasing spiritual growth.  The members of this ministry are a unique blend of women that serve as role models and support systems for younger women within the church.
Youth Ministry -Function: The Youth Ministry is committed to identifying and addressing the needs of our youth.